An open ended puzzle game. Design and build your own machines to combine ingredients to make chocolate. Automate production using simple components to create ingenious contraptions, which are as satisfying to watch as they are to optimise.

Design and build machines to solve automation puzzles.

Using a simple set of tools, create machines to automate the production of Captain Contraption’s chocolates. Launch some nuts into melted chocolate to make your favourite snack, smash caramel against a wall to make bite size bits, and crank-up the E numbers by adding food colouring to everything. Each puzzle has as many solutions as you have ideas.


Watch, and then optimise your oddly satisfying contraptions.

Since every process in the game is simulated using physics, it is easy to understand how your machine is working – but almost impossible to stop watching it. When you can finally tear yourself away from your monitor, you’ll want to share your contraption with friends… and then optimise it together!

Create your own challenges and share them with your friends and the community

We’ll give you the same, easy-to-use, level editor we use to build the game to create your own automation challenges. With Steam Workshop support included at launch it will be easy to share your puzzles with friends and the community. Compare the efficiency and complexity of your contraptions and solutions to other players with a leaderboard for every level.



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