A fast-paced space shooter but you're stuck in a time loop...

Kaleidoscopic space combat

G-force fuelled battles against an unknown, unknowable enemy. An arcade shooter reminiscent of classic and modern pillars of the genre, which demands focus, cunning, and a gunner’s timing.


Evolving Story

Uncover the secrets of why you’re stuck in Cycle, why they’re hell bent on destroying everything you love, and just who they really are.

What Do Others Say?

“...we kept coming back to it again and again - and so will you.” 8/10 – Nintendo Life

“If you enjoy a fantastic arcade style game absolutely pick this one up.” 4.5/5 – The Switch Effect

“It [Cycle 28] walks a fine line between fun and challenging, but it manages to balance the two very well.” - The Video Game Almanac

It won’t be easy. It won’t be quick. But that’s okay. You’re not going anywhere.